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Sea Escape Marine
SEAESCAPEMARINE.COM is an innovative and dynamic family business working in the nautical and maritime field.
As a manufacturer of custom aluminum boats and inflatable boats, we know the specific needs related to multiple nautical activities. Our know-how makes the reputation of our products, reputed to be of very high quality.
Whether it is for sport fishing, diving, excursions, the army, the coast guard or for the pleasure of sailing, we have the boat to suit your needs.
Every Seaescapemarine boat is built with premium commercial grade materials. Each model is meticulously crafted with beautiful form and useful function. The same goes for every hull, helm and cabin, all of our products are built to confidently face the vagaries of Mother Nature. Our attention to detail gives you more control and greater peace of mind. Because we are, we build boats for life on the water.

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